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Documents (20 pages) has pictures, news clippings, documents, telegrams of historic significance.

Part 3 (29 pages) covers Danville Ranger Station, He He Stone, Rock Piles on White Mt, Sherman, Opium, Pioneers, Historical Names, Chief Moses, Chieft Aeneas, Chief Tonasket, Buckskin John, Okanogan Smith, McDonald Family, Notes, St Paul's Mission.…

Part 2 (120 pages) covers grazing, wildlife, fires, improvements, timber management, lands, CCC, emergency programs, personnel

Part one (66 pages) covers early explorers, naming the Columbia, Lewis and Clark, Canadian Boundary Line, religion, Sherman, Indians, Homesteading, Washington State, Grand Coulee Dam, Kettle Falls and derivation of names.

Colville National Forest; Antoine Ranger Station built in 1908 with A.H. Wright serving as first ranger. Two men on horseback in front of building; Okanogan County;

Colville National Forest; Pack horses with load of lumber;

Colville National Forest; St. Paul's Mission at Kettle Falls after restoration; Stevens County;

Colville National Forest; Hudson Bay Fort Colville monument located near St. Paul's Mission at Kettle Falls; Stevens County;

Colville National Forest; Guard Training Crew;

Colville National Forest; Glen E. Mitchell;
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